I have changed. In more ways than one. Much more than ever before. I welcome it. I embrace it. I empower it. But what many would not expect is that deep inside, there is hatred for it. As well as fear of it. Why? I constantly question myself if I have changed for the right … Continue reading Changed



We all have a different reaction to pain. Some of us react externally, such as jump in shock, scream, cry, or become enraged. Some of us react, but rather internally than externally. Such as concealing the pain deep within the mind, making it appear as though they feel nothing on the outside but truly suffer … Continue reading Stoicism


A young boy's father was murdered when he was only six years old. Before his murder, it was only the boy & his father for as the mother decided to venture into another relationship & leave her family behind. The boy was forcefully placed in foster care when nobody could get in contact with his … Continue reading Absolution


Freed from the prison I trapped myself in, yet inside I still feel like in some way I still should be back in it. Why? Well, I just discovered that I am still the very person in which caused me to believe I should be locked away. I am told what I am, & yet … Continue reading Recovery

Rekindled Flame

It has been quite a long time hasn't it? Seven years. A lot has happened in between that time-line I can tell you that. A lot of changes, growth, tragedies, pain. Yet, we meet again as if we returned to the past before it all began. Look at you all grown up. Entering adulthood just … Continue reading Rekindled Flame

Devious Con Artists

I had quite an interesting encounter with someone. A sharp looking black man dressed in a business-professional attire, who had an offer that a normal person couldn't refuse. An opportunity to build income. Who wouldn't want more money in their pockets or bank accounts? With him looking so professional, it has got to be a … Continue reading Devious Con Artists

Mind Power (1/2)

Man is believed to be the most powerful being in the world. And also the most dangerous. The key to that power & danger does not lie in physique. Nor does speed. Though such things do boost the capabilities. It is the brain, the mind, the very thing that controls all the functions of one's … Continue reading Mind Power (1/2)