Hustler’s Way (1/2)

I had what I needed to be on the path of righteousness. A family, a home, guidance, a drive to be successful. My grades were excellent, my intellect was unmatched, nobody ever doubted me even for a split second. I was always reliable. Was always able to get the job done. Yet, one false move … Continue reading Hustler’s Way (1/2)


Edge of Sanity – Intro

How far would you go to avenge your family? In a drug corrupted city of Wilmington, a young man's desire for vengeance becomes tested when he learns of all those that may have contributed to his family's time of murder. As more & more people & even those he cares about become a victim to … Continue reading Edge of Sanity – Intro


I have changed. In more ways than one. Much more than ever before. I welcome it. I embrace it. I empower it. But what many would not expect is that deep inside, there is hatred for it. As well as fear of it. Why? I constantly question myself if I have changed for the right … Continue reading Changed

Mind Power (1/2)

Man is believed to be the most powerful being in the world. And also the most dangerous. The key to that power & danger does not lie in physique. Nor does speed. Though such things do boost the capabilities. It is the brain, the mind, the very thing that controls all the functions of one's … Continue reading Mind Power (1/2)

Mental Prison

It is one thing to be physically behind bars for a crime one has committed, but it is a completely different scenario when there are bars that surround your mind that you imagined to be there. Your own personal prison. You can say how you don't belong in prison. That you are far from the … Continue reading Mental Prison

A Story of Peer Pressure

Thomas Anderson, a straight "A" honor roll sophomore student in high school, always wanted to fit in with the popular crowd in. Though, his nerdy & unusual appearance would get him nowhere with anyone as he would always find himself being the target of name calling & bullying. That was, until one day a group … Continue reading A Story of Peer Pressure

Menacing Temptation

On a dark evening, a young man rushes up to his room & opens his closet to pull out a container thats stashed away. Upon opening it reveals a 9mm Pistol with six bullets beside it. He gathers the bullets & loads them into it's clip, turns off the safety switch, & rushes downstairs to … Continue reading Menacing Temptation