I have changed. In more ways than one. Much more than ever before. I welcome it. I embrace it. I empower it. But what many would not expect is that deep inside, there is hatred for it. As well as fear of it. Why? I constantly question myself if I have changed for the right … Continue reading Changed



We all have a different reaction to pain. Some of us react externally, such as jump in shock, scream, cry, or become enraged. Some of us react, but rather internally than externally. Such as concealing the pain deep within the mind, making it appear as though they feel nothing on the outside but truly suffer … Continue reading Stoicism

Mental Prison

It is one thing to be physically behind bars for a crime one has committed, but it is a completely different scenario when there are bars that surround your mind that you imagined to be there. Your own personal prison. You can say how you don't belong in prison. That you are far from the … Continue reading Mental Prison

Controversial Obligation

There was a question (well a few actually) I spotted on Instagram one day that stimulated my thoughts. The questions were: "Do you think rich & famous people have an obligation to donate money to those that have less?" "Do you think rich & famous people are obligated to take care of all of their … Continue reading Controversial Obligation

Official Blog Page

Another new beginning it is!   To all my followers & supporters, & those reading, I am pleased to announce the introduction of my official blog page! I am alone on this project, so please don't mind the lack of decorations & fancy layouts. This is where I make my entrance into the world. This … Continue reading Official Blog Page

Mother to Son

My Son, "You are my creation, my motivation, my inspiration." You are my light that shines bright everyday & night." "You are my escape from a world out of shape & full of hate. "You are the reason I fight for us & whats right." "You are the reason I pray each & every day." … Continue reading Mother to Son