I have changed. In more ways than one. Much more than ever before. I welcome it. I embrace it. I empower it. But what many would not expect is that deep inside, there is hatred for it. As well as fear of it. Why? I constantly question myself if I have changed for the right … Continue reading Changed


Menacing Temptation

On a dark evening, a young man rushes up to his room & opens his closet to pull out a container thats stashed away. Upon opening it reveals a 9mm Pistol with six bullets beside it. He gathers the bullets & loads them into it's clip, turns off the safety switch, & rushes downstairs to … Continue reading Menacing Temptation

Inner Torment

"Wh-wh-who are you??" With a sinister smile, the illusion replied, "I am you." "No. No you aren't!" "Yes. Yes I am." " that can't be!" "Yes...yes it is to be!" "No. This has to be a trick!" "There is no trick. I am who you wish you were to be." "I do not wish to … Continue reading Inner Torment

A Hatred for HomeĀ 

My home is far from safe. It is far from a place to be proud of. There is more hate than there is love. There is more violence than there is peace. There are more deaths & despair than there is life & happiness. This is somewhere I am to call home? A "place to … Continue reading A Hatred for HomeĀ