Menacing Temptation

On a dark evening, a young man rushes up to his room & opens his closet to pull out a container thats stashed away. Upon opening it reveals a 9mm Pistol with six bullets beside it. He gathers the bullets & loads them into it's clip, turns off the safety switch, & rushes downstairs to … Continue reading Menacing Temptation



My parents had me when they were truly ready. They were hardworking, classy, wealthy, & healthy. Whatever needed to be done, they succeeded. They provided me with everything I needed. They gave me all of what a kid could dream. My life was as smooth as it would seem. I dressed clean, classy, my grades … Continue reading Sellout

Bittersweet Reunion

"I want to do something with my life man." "There's a lot of things you can do. You just have to find what suits you best." "Yeah but...what if I can't do it right? What if I don't make it?" "If you put your mind into something, you will without a doubt make it right. … Continue reading Bittersweet Reunion

Inner Torment

"Wh-wh-who are you??" With a sinister smile, the illusion replied, "I am you." "No. No you aren't!" "Yes. Yes I am." " that can't be!" "Yes...yes it is to be!" "No. This has to be a trick!" "There is no trick. I am who you wish you were to be." "I do not wish to … Continue reading Inner Torment

Father Figure

"Dad I don't know. I feel myself slipping. Like, I don't understand this whole "life" thing. Don't know where to go, what to do, how to live. I'm lost man. Like, I'm struggling so much trying to maintain. Its so hard dad. I just don't understand how I can continue." "Son. Come here." The boy … Continue reading Father Figure

A Story of Two

They were complete strangers. How they met was unexpected. Both from two different sides of the earth. Yet never knew they'd be connected. A Story of Two The Girl An Intelligent, strong, & mature Aries who is driven by morals, teachings, necessities to life, & the way of the Lord. Naturally beautiful, & stands out … Continue reading A Story of Two

Scarred for Life

Three young African American boys dressed casually with hoodies are walking down a sidewalk in the evening. As they walk, unbeknown to them, there is a police cruiser slowly following them far behind. The boys are walking & talking amongst themselves until the police cruiser pulls up to the curb of the sidewalk they were … Continue reading Scarred for Life