Recognizing Your Worth

When he was needed, he was not there When she was crying, he did not comfort her When she gave him everything, he gave back nothing When she gave him chances, he still continued his ways When he was leaving, she begged him to stay When she told him she loved him, he did not … Continue reading Recognizing Your Worth


Just Friends

"Hey, can I talk to you for a minute?” "Sure what's up?" "I've been thinking lately." "About what?" "About you." "Aww really?" "Yes, I really admire you. You're smart, talented, beautiful. Like, you're all the right things." "Aww thank you! You're so sweet, handsome & smart." "So, I've been wondering...." "About what?" "What if we, … Continue reading Just Friends

The Failed Protector

I stood tall, stood strong, stood confident that I'd be the one to protect you. I was ready to take on anything, I believed I had an impenetrable defense. You would never be touched, nor would you ever have to worry about any outside presence as long as I was around. Each day that passed, … Continue reading The Failed Protector

Hard Life

The ghetto lifestyle is no fun, no walk in the park, & it is nothing to be proud to live in. Yet, even though it is believed that many live that lifestyle by choice, what about those that are forced to live it? And thats when it hit me. A couple years ago, I spent … Continue reading Hard Life

A Fallen Brother

Brother, I beg of thee to please heed my cry. The world we live in is dangerous, & the "home" we live in is filled with danger. This is what I do not wish becomes of you, & what I truly pray does not bring your demise.


On a gloomy cloudy day, a woman sits in her car with her head down on the steering wheel in a parking lot across from an apartment. From the apartment, a woman comes out, walks to the car, & enters the passenger side. She notices her head down. "Girl you look a mess." She chuckles … Continue reading Darrell

A Twist within Fate….

Inside a dark room with a single light, a man sits in a chair with his head down. In his hands lies a pistol, which he loads with a single bullet. After loading it, his eyes gaze at the gun & his body freezes. Behind his frozen body, a clone of himself dressed in all … Continue reading A Twist within Fate….