I always remember the day we met like it was yesterday. Had found myself with butterflies in my stomach to get to know her. Amazed at what a fine woman she became. The beauty, the wisdom, & the strong will would scream at me every time I saw her. All of which made me fall … Continue reading Her


Controversial Obligation

There was a question (well a few actually) I spotted on Instagram one day that stimulated my thoughts. The questions were: "Do you think rich & famous people have an obligation to donate money to those that have less?" "Do you think rich & famous people are obligated to take care of all of their … Continue reading Controversial Obligation

Natural Beauty

Boy do I love it. Beauty from the power of nature & not mankind. Just imagine fresh green grass, a cloudless sunny sky on a sweet day in spring, fresh clear blue water, & a gentle cool breeze. A breathtaking scenery. Its fascinating to see just how beautiful things can naturally be without the tampering … Continue reading Natural Beauty

No Chance

No chance whatsoever. Maybe because too many were given & blown. Maybe because deserving them was never shown. No chance whatsoever, it'll never be known No chance of things returning the way they were. No chance of redemption. No chance of being given another chance. No chance of making things right. No chance of being … Continue reading No Chance

Silent Evolution 

I am no perfect man. Never could I be, nor would it even be possible.¬† I look back on my life so many times. The experiences, the troubles, the struggles, the pain, some are things I could've prevented from happening. That is, if I was that smart enough to make the correct decisions. We all … Continue reading Silent Evolution¬†

That One

You ever had good things happen to you where you grow so excited to tell the world of your accomplishments & success, but then boils down to wanting to tell a certain someone. That one. But before you do, you pause for a second. And then you realize you can't. Because of some things that … Continue reading That One