Freed from the prison I trapped myself in, yet inside I still feel like in some way I still should be back in it. Why? Well, I just discovered that I am still the very person in which caused me to believe I should be locked away. I am told what I am, & yet … Continue reading Recovery


Rekindled Flame

It has been quite a long time hasn't it? Seven years. A lot has happened in between that time-line I can tell you that. A lot of changes, growth, tragedies, pain. Yet, we meet again as if we returned to the past before it all began. Look at you all grown up. Entering adulthood just … Continue reading Rekindled Flame

Memory Lane

A voice in my head speaks as I walk the streets: "You miss her don't you Steph?" I mean, I'd be lying if I said I didn't in all honesty. She probably knows that. But I wouldn't tell her. She'd have to read this herself to find out. Well, its not like I wouldn't want … Continue reading Memory Lane

Secret Admiration

Maybe I'm the old-fashion shy.  The one that crushes from a distance & sends subliminal messages about who my eyes have set sights on. Such as leaving a heartfelt comment or message but never making an indication that I want to be more to them. That, or making myself completely anonymous when I send the … Continue reading Secret Admiration


"Why did you do it?" "Do what?" "Why did you hurt her?" "What are you talking about?" "You are far from delusional on this matter. You know what this is about." "I...I never intended to hurt her. To hurt anyone..." "Are you sure about that?" "I am not an evil person. I would never deliberately … Continue reading Trauma

Mental Prison

It is one thing to be physically behind bars for a crime one has committed, but it is a completely different scenario when there are bars that surround your mind that you imagined to be there. Your own personal prison. You can say how you don't belong in prison. That you are far from the … Continue reading Mental Prison


I always remember the day we met like it was yesterday. Had found myself with butterflies in my stomach to get to know her. Amazed at what a fine woman she became. The beauty, the wisdom, & the strong will would scream at me every time I saw her. All of which made me fall … Continue reading Her