Who am I?

Who am I? I am human just like you. I come with the same necessities to life as you do. I come from a family, I breathe, & I bleed the same to. We have eyes that don't lie, ears that never disappear, a mouth to let about, and so much more. ¬†You are just … Continue reading Who am I?


What Really Grinds My Gears (#1)

Are there things in this world that really "Grinds your Gears"? I know there are an incredible amount for me. Why don't we take the time to sit down & discuss these matters & connect with each other on how it relates to you!

Of Under One Race….

Born through the same life cycle. Born with all the same parts that make the body. Born on the same planet & under the same race known to be, humans. Despite being born exactly the same, the tone of the skin defines you to be of a different race. One that was once seen to … Continue reading Of Under One Race….

Hard Life

The ghetto lifestyle is no fun, no walk in the park, & it is nothing to be proud to live in. Yet, even though it is believed that many live that lifestyle by choice, what about those that are forced to live it? And thats when it hit me. A couple years ago, I spent … Continue reading Hard Life

A Fallen Brother

Brother, I beg of thee to please heed my cry. The world we live in is dangerous, & the "home" we live in is filled with danger. This is what I do not wish becomes of you, & what I truly pray does not bring your demise.