The Legend Begins

Who am I? I am human just like you. I come with the same necessities to life as you do. I come from a family, I breathe, & I bleed the same to. We have eyes that don't lie, ears that never disappear, a mouth to let about, and so much more. ¬†You are just … Continue reading The Legend Begins


No Chance

No chance whatsoever. Maybe because too many were given & blown. Maybe because deserving them was never shown. No chance whatsoever, it'll never be known No chance of things returning the way they were. No chance of redemption. No chance of being given another chance. No chance of making things right. No chance of being … Continue reading No Chance

Scarred for Life

Three young African American boys dressed casually with hoodies are walking down a sidewalk in the evening. As they walk, unbeknown to them, there is a police cruiser slowly following them far behind. The boys are walking & talking amongst themselves until the police cruiser pulls up to the curb of the sidewalk they were … Continue reading Scarred for Life


There, a family sits before the man responsible for the death of a father, who was also a husband, an uncle, brother, and later a grandfather in the court room. After the trial came close to being adjourned, the judge asks the family if they have anything they wish to say before the verdict is … Continue reading Forgiveness

Satisfaction in Life

What is "The American Dream" to you? Is it to live in a beautiful suburban home with a family of your own & money to blow? To live a life peacefully with no mess or stress? To be wealthy & healthy? Have you ever looked amongst the rich & famous & gained a desire to … Continue reading Satisfaction in Life

Broken Promises

Remember when we said we would always stand together side by side? That we would never let our grip on each other let loose no matter what? That we would push through all types of hell that would break loose against us? Remember when we made those promises of creating a future for us? That … Continue reading Broken Promises