Official Blog Page

Another new beginning it is!   To all my followers & supporters, & those reading, I am pleased to announce the introduction of my official blog page! I am alone on this project, so please don't mind the lack of decorations & fancy layouts. This is where I make my entrance into the world. This … Continue reading Official Blog Page


Menacing Temptation

On a dark evening, a young man rushes up to his room & opens his closet to pull out a container thats stashed away. Upon opening it reveals a 9mm Pistol with six bullets beside it. He gathers the bullets & loads them into it's clip, turns off the safety switch, & rushes downstairs to … Continue reading Menacing Temptation


I always remember the day we met like it was yesterday. Had found myself with butterflies in my stomach to get to know her. Amazed at what a fine woman she became. The beauty, the wisdom, & the strong will would scream at me every time I saw her. All of which made me fall … Continue reading Her

Controversial Obligation

There was a question (well a few actually) I spotted on Instagram one day that stimulated my thoughts. The questions were: "Do you think rich & famous people have an obligation to donate money to those that have less?" "Do you think rich & famous people are obligated to take care of all of their … Continue reading Controversial Obligation


My parents had me when they were truly ready. They were hardworking, classy, wealthy, & healthy. Whatever needed to be done, they succeeded. They provided me with everything I needed. They gave me all of what a kid could dream. My life was as smooth as it would seem. I dressed clean, classy, my grades … Continue reading Sellout