4 Life Lemons

You wake up with a thirst for lemonade. But life didn't give you your lemons. Lemonade is what you desire, but must face the 4 life lemons.


Silent Evolution 

I am no perfect man. Never could I be, nor would it even be possible.  I look back on my life so many times. The experiences, the troubles, the struggles, the pain, some are things I could've prevented from happening. That is, if I was that smart enough to make the correct decisions. We all … Continue reading Silent Evolution 

A Hatred for Home 

My home is far from safe. It is far from a place to be proud of. There is more hate than there is love. There is more violence than there is peace. There are more deaths & despair than there is life & happiness.  This is somewhere I am to call home? A "place to … Continue reading A Hatred for Home 

That One

You ever had good things happen to you where you grow so excited to tell the world of your accomplishments & success, but then boils down to wanting to tell a certain someone. That one. But before you do, you pause for a second. And then you realize you can't. Because of some things that … Continue reading That One

The Lone Leader

I am the third born child in my family under the first two which are older cousins that live in a different state. However, I am also the first born child in my family locally as my older cousins were not born in the same area as us, leaving me to be a leader to … Continue reading The Lone Leader

A Victory in Defeat

You have been defeated. Whether it was to someone or something, you stand face to face with defeat. What do you do? Do you allow the defeat to tear you apart? Do you lose hope & completely give up? No no, that's how a defeat truly defeats you. It keeps you down, has you feeling … Continue reading A Victory in Defeat

The Failed Protector

I stood tall, stood strong, stood confident that I'd be the one to protect you. I was ready to take on anything, I believed I had an impenetrable defense. You would never be touched, nor would you ever have to worry about any outside presence as long as I was around. Each day that passed, … Continue reading The Failed Protector