I am not above or better than anyone. We all breathe the same air so why should I ever think that way? I am not the menace that today’s society might expect me to be. Peace & tranquility is all that this young man asks for. To those currently reading, you might already look at me as a nobody. And thats okay. You have the right to do as you please just as I. That makes two of us no doubt.

I work, I write, I dream, & I fight for whats right. I carry my own point of view on the world, & I speak on my thoughts without any fear or restraints. The freedom to express yourself is something everyone should cherish.

Writing was something I was gifted with at a very young age. I used to try & write my own chapter books & such just for the thrill of using my imagination to it’s fullest potential. This is my attempt at expressing my writing talent to the public. Though, I am willing to speak my mind on any topic as best as I can. I often love being questioned about something & asked for my opinion. It gives me the chance to improve my speech & be less afraid when there’s a crowd watching & listening.

The dream to become big has yet to become a reality. Will you join me on my journey & be a contributing factor to my growth? Or become something that we all need sometimes. A friend.

However, a lot of things are needed to be said. Will you be the next listener? Follower? Supporter? Will you object? Disapprove? Condemn me? You are always free to do what you must as am I. That makes two of us….


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