The Dark Side

Let me tell you something about “The Dark Side”.

They say it’s a pathway to many abilities that are considered….”unnatural”.

I know that term well, I was there. For quite some time that is. Born in the shadows, training for brutally long hours with blindness to see the light. Yet, in the dark there was an incredible amount of strength I carried.

The anger. The rage. Angry that I could not see what I wanted to see. Angry that I had been tortured in the dark since birth.

I was fighting everything you could think of. Before I knew anything I would already be building up the rage to unleash to the world the moment I could start seeing.

Oh it was ugly. It was so ugly. The confusion of not even knowing what made me look so ugly was unnatural. How long would it take to figure out that I was becoming a puppet?

Yet, I was always to believe I was alone & my suffering would to be of no end until the day I end my life. My anger would be the very thing that destroys everything first before it destroys me.

I was the one with Wrath in my blood waiting to unleash on the slightest fool in my life. Man, woman, it did not matter who you were. My rage would be the very thing that struck fear in the hearts of people that only wished to see nothing but happiness from me.

Cold, bitter, sad, depressed, I felt the accursed trance when I lost love & COULDN’T accept it was just my fault. That trance I was in, I remember how it started.

Sleep paralysis. Yes, they say that is a dangerous thing to happen to people. I remember now. I seen it. I seen this “Black Hooded figure with no face or eyes” standing before me while I was paralyzed. I could not move, could not make sense of what I was witnessing.

I woke up, it vanished, but it did not vanish. My reality was altered. My mind was altered. The depression was real, the anger was growing, the confusion was worsening. I was careless, I was hesitant, I was reckless, I was damaged.

But it was all mentally. The physical world, everything seemed so fine. But the spirit world was cursed. And the amount of darkness that was set to run its course was like a galactic empire ready for the Order 66.

I was building up the alliance of evil inside. I hated so much around me. But I was too resilience to resemble hate on the outside. I knew hate & anger early, I was like a scarred fire bender looking for honor & redemption. There was a prophecy coming, but only I would be the one to choose how it will be fulfilled.

I knew both ways. Either everything lives, or everything dies. I wanted to know how to live but I was afraid I would die just by living.

The frustration was worsening. Everyone was getting trampled in the process of me swinging my fists all over the place. I wasn’t hitting anyone, anything. It was weird. Like a blind samurai hearing the evil around him but never being an eye witness to believe there was any. They came in the forms of torturous laughter. Torturous punishment for wrong doings.

I didn’t know who’s fault it was. It was like I couldn’t make sense of the true enemy. I’ve heard stories about his abilities to manipulate. To make your mind so deluded to where only you would be the one to think it’s all your fault for not understanding the world.

Yes, I was that person too. Not making sense of the world, thinking with too much logic. It was suppose to kill me. Because I had always been human since I’ve been here. I was almost turned into a machine. I was almost manipulated into being a true puppet when I’ve always had the most successful story to date.

I live cleanly. I do no wrong. I know how to talk. I know how to live. I don’t judge anyone for their living. I am always mindful of my choices. I have my awareness at all times.

Whether we agree, disagree, or agree to disagree, I will be respected for what I do.

I came from the Dark Side. But I only grew in strength & never grew in violence.

I only crumbled leaves & kicked dirt as a resort to releasing anger. So I was always swinging the air fighting the invisible man.

But I was hitting him with every swing. And he finally backed off because he could no longer intimidate or affect me.

I am victorious.

And she saved me.


    1. I have rarely spoken to anyone on my blog, & I feel ashamed for that as everyone that’s been watching me all this time have always sent nothing but positive messages to me to keep my spirit up.

      I thank you for all your words since you’ve followed me. I’ve finally been cured from my trauma to be confident to speak to anyone. 🙏🏾

      Liked by 1 person

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